Monogrammed Christmas Onesie

When I’m not busy chasing around my 21 month old and trying to come up with new designs for my Etsy store, I do try and participate in the monthly Silhouette Challenge. I have to say, since my husband has deployed I have found it very difficult to keep up with everything!

This month’s challenge was trying to do a project in under $5 . I got lucky – I had extra blank gerber onesies laying around , and a lot of scrap vinyl as well.

I did end up spending a whopping $2.99 for these super cute monogram Christmas onesies. You can find them here, from SVGSalon.

These are fairly simple to make, so even a beginner with the silhouette can make these even though layering is required! Sounds scary, promise it’s easy.

The first thing I did was open up my files in my Silhouette Design Software.

I chose to use the hat and scarf image (seen below). I’d also like to note that I also spent another $2.99 on the monogram font (you can’t beat that price!!).

Since I wanted the green to be the glitter portion, offset the green to .01.
The offset button is the second pentagon on the top, three buttons to the left of your font button.

Then the rest is easy!
I cut out my vinyl and weeded everything. I placed the red and black monogram down first. I pressed it in my Heat Press for 8 seconds at 315 degrees.
I then peeled back the plastic, and positioned the glitter Jade Green on the top, along with the yellow ball (I just eyeballed the green on top of the red until it was positioned where I wanted it). I pressed for 20 seconds at 315 degrees.

I ended up with this!
Monogrammed Hat and Scarf
The most perfect holiday onesie, complete with a monogram. And practically free!

Now, put those scraps to use!!!



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